My website is complicated to update; how can I update the content quickly by myself?

This is a very common concern among website owners. Here are some comments we often get:

“Every time I want to upload content to my site, I need to engage my webmaster. The process is frustrating and expensive!”

“I wish I had more control on making updates to my site”

“I have lots of things I would like to update on my site but I don’t have the time and energy”

First of all; let’s answer a basic question: why should website owners worry about updating the content of their website? In the internet world, content is king. Search engines give higher priority to websites with good and fresh content. In fact, content is so important that several open source content management systems have been developed and are being used to build websites around the world.

The next time you plan redoing your website; consider using a content management system. Here are some of the advantages:

  • Set-up is easy and costs are lower
  • With a CMS editing and uploading new content is very easy and can be done by non-technical people
  • The content is easy to manage – you don't need to involve developers or webmasters!
  • Search engines love CMS websites – your website is therefore more likely to rank higher
  • CMS are modular; this means that features can be easily added or updated to the site

At we can help improve the content of your existing site and when you are ready to invest in a new site, we can guide you every step of the way.

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