How to Generate More Internet Leads with your School's Website

One of the most important aspects of marketing your school is having a continuous stream of qualified leads for your admissions team to follow up with. Internet leads or web leads are now becoming the primary source of new leads for leading schools.

The first step for a school to generate more internet leads is understanding who your students are and where they are on the internet. Web Analytics will help you determine this. This knowledge will allow you to make the right refinements to your website and marketing strategy in order to attract more quality traffic – traffic which converts to internet leads.

There are many tactics you can implement to attract more quality traffic. You can use Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay per Click Marketing (PPC), Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing with Facebook, Youtube and the like. Where should you start?

Second you need a friendly looking and easy to navigate website with great content - content which is highly relevant about your school and the programs you offer. The content needs to be written with the prospective student in mind so that it answers common questions they may have when considering your school as their place of study.

On the internet content is king and it all starts with text - but words should be complimented with pictures and short videos when possible. Everything to portrait the experience your school offers!

Finally don’t forget to have an easy to find Call to Action – A reason for potential students to leave you their contact information (that’s your internet lead!) for your admissions team to follow up with. The classic “Request your Free Career Information Package” is a sure bet!

At we are experts at helping educational institutions attract quality traffic and converting them into internet leads.

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