How can Google Analytics help me measure the Return on Investment of my Marketing?

The process of tracking and analyzing website statistics is called Web Analytics and it is a critical step to towards tracking your marketing’s Return on Investment – ROI.

In fact, at we consider Web Analytics as the first step towards the improvement of your website and marketing performance as they are tightly linked and integrated. 

A website owner needs Web Analytics just like a pilot needs navigation tools. Just like the pilot who makes critical decisions based on navigation tool information, the website owner must base critical decisions on a reliable website tracking tool. Web Analytics will allow you to:

  • know your cost per lead
  • understand where your website visitors come from (by city)
  • understand which keywords or phrases were used to get to your site and generate leads
  • understand the traffic generated by each of your promotional campaigns like newspaper ads
  • understand your website’s conversion rate
  • understand what pages were visited and which programs are most popular
  • understand how much time was spent on each page
  • And much more!

Website Conversion Rate:

To illustrate the importance of Web Analytics, we use one of the critical key performance indicators called the website conversion rate.

Your website’s conversion rate is the number of internet leads your website generates divided by the number of visits your website received for the same period. This is a critical Key Performance Indicator: 

  Below is a table showing the conversion rate by source/medium:

The above illustration is an extraction from a web tracking tool report called Google Analytics. In this illustration we see that the most effective conversion rate came from direct traffic (12.71%) and second from print advertisements (7.84%).

This information is critical because it allows you to understand where you get the best return for your advertisement dollars invested. 

Having good visibility on your website’s activity is fundamental because it will allow you to make better decisions and make the appropriate refinements to your website and marketing campaigns. 

Most importantly web analytics will allow you to measure how your site is performing relative to your site’s goal. An example of a goal is getting people to fill out a form to get an information kit. Web analytics is necessary to understand how you are reaching your site’s objective. 

One of the most popular tracking tools is Google Analytics. It is popular because it is free, easy to install and very comprehensive. It is also very well known and relyable. Below is an example of a Google Analytics dashboard report:

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