Why Pay per Click Marketing for Career Colleges and Universities?

Pay per Click Campaigns or PPCs can be turned on or off at any given time - you have full control over their budgets and advertising message. They can be constantly optimized to reduce your Cost per Lead - CPL and increase your Return on Investment - ROI.

Beyond the financial rewards that well managed PPC campaigns can produce, they also provide you with much needed flexibility, when marketing your programs. Not everyone defines, perceives and interpret things the same way. Many words can be used to define or describe the programs your school offers. Pay per Click Campaigns are a great venue to test and experiment with new keywords or Long Tail key phrases to attract new students to your Career College or University.

Let's assume you offer an accounting program, which keywords generate the most leads and students for your school? Here are 4 examples:

  1. accounting
  2. accounting school
  3. accounting course
  4. accounting training

With Pay per Click Campaigns you can easily and quickly determine which of the 4 is the winner. Obviously this is a short list, you would probably have tens if not hundreds of keyword combinations per program but you get the idea.

Once you have sufficient intelligence with new terms that attract and convert prospective students to a program, you can then utilize this keyword intelligence to optimize your specific program page for that key phrase. This initiative would fall under Search Engine Optmization for Schools or SEO for Schools.

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